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The generation new to or just entering the workforce is facing unprecedented challenges in these financially trying times. They are inheriting a mess. They do have time on their side, but if they aren’t informed, don’t change predominant fiscal behavior… “see the light”… their futures may be “dark,” indeed.

You need to read this book or one like it so that, at least, you know what you need to do to be financially independent… doing what you want to be doing with your life. If I Had a Million Dollars, a guide to financial literacy, will appeal to the very audience for which it is intended: young adults starting their work lives.

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It is highly readable, with its text peppered with quotes, graphs, and photos. Munkeby’s writing style—breezy, and, at times, irreverent—appeals as well. Questions at the end of sections encourage readers to interact with and internalize the text. Finally, Munkeby’s sharing of personal stories adds to the book’s motivational value.
— MMD, University Supervisor
After graduating from college in the Spring of 2009 I found, like so many other college graduates, that the job market for my field had basically evaporated. I was competing against people who had 10 to 20 years of experience on me for entry level positions! After dozens of unfruitful interviews and hundreds of applications filled out, I felt drained. I refused to settle for something less than what I thought I had earned. I then read If I Had a Million Dollars and saw the wisdom in it... I worked a temp job for 7 months and eventually got hired in my field at a job that I love! No matter where you are financially there is something in this book that you can grab onto. I highly recommend that you read it. You will not regret it!
— D. Hildebrand, Risk Manager, 401K Latte Company