Meet Peewee

I’ll introduce you to a new character each week for a while starting with MP, who will be like me because the only way to make my biological father, Mac McGenty, whom I never met, real was to create a character. Kate AKA Marilyn and Sara are based on how I’d guess my two (half) sisters (Mc Genty’s) might be. Peewee is based on a huge kid I met in 4th grade. Barney was the best man in my wedding who died way too young. Heidi on an island girl in the Bahamas. Lottie and Spense I yet hope to meet somewhere.

Here's an excerpt from Back to the Island

"Kate suddenly scampered to the edge of the porch, looking through the flowering bushes down the road toward the north end where the narrow, rutted road got even narrower. “I see someone coming. It’s about noon, so it could be our man.”

They all crowded the front of the porch and peered down the lane. “My God, look how big he is! He does look like Paul Bunyan,” Lottie exclaimed. As he got closer, Spense whispered, “My Lord, look at the amplitude of that cranium. I sincerely hope he puts it to good use.”

Mick strained to see if he recognized his old friend. The man sauntering toward them was indeed large, very large. His head was shaved, making it look even more prominent. He appeared to be tanned almost island brown. He wore khaki pants cut off just below the knee, huge calves bulging above what looked to be sandals. His shirt was white, sleeves rolled up to just below the elbow exposing heavily veined forearms, thick wrists, and huge hands swinging freely at his side. As he got closer, although he now sported a closely cut silver beard and sunglasses, Mick was sure he recognized him.

The behemoth, close to seven feet and looking like he topped three hundred pounds with no noticeable fat, stopped at the bottom of the steps, pulled off his sunglasses, and, as he used to do in fourth grade, stared up at the four of them as if he might reach up and mush them into little flesh balls. All but Mick stepped back into the porch. Then he beamed a giant’s smile and bellowed, “MP, you haven’t grown! Otherwise, how are you?”