Back to the Island Now Available

My novel, Back to the Island, is now out and available. To order either a book or eBook, go to my website: and apply promo code 'friend' to get a 25% discount buying online directly from my warehouse supplier. If you like you can go to, the book's website, see an excerpt and order from my warehouseAmazon, or B&N, but you pay more and authors get less. 
You may not be aware but authors, even best selling authors (not me, yet), have to do their own marketing...traveling, doing book signings, readings, radio and TV promotions, etc. I'll do a little of this, including one Book Launch party/ book signing on Thurs. Mar. 19th at the American Legion, 10, 12th Ave. So., Hopkins. All family and friends, old and new, are invited. Since I'm too far along in life to travel without my loving wife, I'm trying a new approach: if you would, please 'share' this blog with as many 'friends' as you are comfortable with. Even ask them to share with their friends...we'll see if the "paying it forward concept works in social media.
Here's the head editors initial assessment: "A novel with unexpected twists at every turn, Back to the Island follows the misadventures of Mikael Mulcahy, whose grief over the death of his wife and child lead him to a hillside cottage in the Bahamas.What follows, in addition to a few 'pokes' at things that need poking, is a rollercoaster series of shootings,mistaken identities, surprise reunions, and romances that are anything but traditional."
To me she wrote: "From start to finish the pace moves along rapidly, which is not easy for a first-time novelist, especially when crafting a book of this length. Your narrative style is distinctive, with a chatty, rollicking, conversational tone that creates a whirlwind of a reading experience. Creative wordplay is found throughout, painting even the most subtle details in a vivid light."
See if you agree. If you read the thing, would you go back to my timmunkeby website and check either "yes" to i would read a sequel, to "no," not a chance in hell. It's anonymous so I can't retaliate.