I am a Committee Advisor and Writer for The Reporters Inc., which I have mentioned in the past. Their mission is to promote social awareness, encourage social change, and champion social justice through powerful multimedia storytelling. Hard to argue with that mission? The same mission I had in my novel, Back to the Island, and in my newest, still being edited: Will.

The key word for this message from the mission statement above is “justice.” Don’t you believe we should all be passionate about injustices, even if we escapes them so far? What could be more egregious, piss you off more, be more unfair than to be found guilty and imprisoned for a crime you didn’t commit? Your life ruined. Your family ruined. Think about it.

You may have been reading lately about the many exonerations due to new DNA testing. Can you imagine how you’d feel?

Please go to The Reporters, Inc. website. They (the Angels, Inc.) are doing a piece on “The Innocent Convicts,” championing wrongful convictions (by A-holes, it appears, in our police and justice system). It is very poignantly done and will be appearing on PBS.  

I agree this is an easy issue to avoid… again to bury our heads (somewhere). It seems so irrelevant to our ‘safe’ little lives…until we come face to face with an injustice that changes how safe our lives really are. You never know. Be an angeland check out the website.