Angels and Assholes #20 Santa's Angel

Maybe by now everyone has heard of the “secret Santa” in Kansas City? Every Christmas he, anonymously, hands out $100 bills to poor folks. What a stroke of genius to have the police hand them out instead this year. Tell me that’s not a good idea? A poor, disenchanted single mother (could be anywhere – any city in any country} who has had nothing but negative experiences with the police is now able to buy presents for her children. The cop gets a huge hug because of his kindness…bringing people together, not dividing us.

Yes the callous will say those rotten poor folks will just buy drugs or get drunk. The disenchanted will think the crooked cops will keep the money if they can. Well, screw the callous and the disenchanted. Yes, unfortunately, there are a-holes in the world. I tend to believe in the fundamental good in people and when given the chance believe they would rather be kind. It makes them happy…so, why not be kind? Kindness solves a lot of problems.