Angels and Assholes #27...2016 - The Dulling of Occam's Razor

OK. Maybe I’ve over-used the Razor. But I am impressed with Occam and his Razor philosophy…that the simplest solution is usually the best. A quick summary: by paring out all the complexities and bullshit, if we are to change the direction of the many issues that plague the U.S. and world these days we must put money and effort toward the BOTTOM-LINE: education. We are born open-minded, not “certain” but curious. We must learn to remain open-minded and curious. Not develop hatreds, prejudices, mindlessness, and use our knowledge to take advantage of the earth and other people.

Capitalism seems to have a blight growing inside of it. When the bottom-line is money and selfish personal gain, ethics…kindness, compassion, empathy, tolerance, TRUST—things that make us human…become secondary at best.

Education must redefine what “smart” means. Like the smart older kid who convinces the uninformed younger kid to trade his dime for the larger nickel, on a smaller scale, when on a much larger scale Wall street smart guys (fraudulently) have screwed many of us out of our money, jobs, homes, future. Or the pharmaceutical companies who think sick people will pay anything to stay alive. Unconscionable, despicable, almost unbelievable. And few, if any, have to pay the consequences. Definitely a blight, a parasite on humanity. Makes you wonder if there’s a hell or someplace similar all these “smart” people can go to celebrate. Angels use their knowledge to “give.” Assholes to “take.”

Alright, sorry, this is starting to sound like a rant. I’ll leave you with this: I live on what is still a pristine lake in northern Minnesota. But, currently, in Minnesota—the land of lakes— almost half of all lakes and rivers are damaged, many to the point of being un-swimmable for humans and many for fish. [Mpls Star Tribune, Nov. 27,’16.]

I would like my book, Will, to be a call to action. Do you really think this is going to get better? Seriously, we need to be better educated as to what we are doing to our planet, our future, and take action to turn things around before it is too late. Especially Millennials (18-40), who have more of an investment in a treacherous future. As Dylan said: “It ain’t dark yet, but it’s getting there.”