Angels and Assholes #15 - The Angel That Keeps On Giving

“What could be better than to hold your hand out to people less fortunate than you are?” The Pope? The Dalai Lama? Certainly two angels that believe this to be true. But, no, it was said by the actor, Paul Newman. (Cool Hand) Luke, Butch (Cassidy), Luther (The Sting), Ben Quick (Long Hot Summer), Hud…a few names of scoundrels and reprobates, whom you can’t help but remember and love. Paul Newman was as famous for portraying interesting characters as any actor. But, maybe what he should be remembered and famous for is salad dressing. 

Newman’s Own “…started as a joke and got out of control…” he unassumably explained. Of course “Newman’s Own,” originally a great salad dressing, now includes a large variety of healthy foods ranging from snacks to dog food.

Since 1981, Newman’s Own has raised $450 million for a variety of causes and charities. And, since the products are high quality and relatively inexpensive, should continue selling…forever? Talk about “the gift that keeps on giving.”

Wouldn’t it be cool if the “fortunate” assholes in the world realized that it would make them happier if they held their hands out to help people rather than grab their money? Think of the problems that could be solved. Next blog: after Wall Street the worst culture that abuses knowledge for monetary gain…and on the pretense of helping people!

But, for now, hat’s off to Paul Newman. Really, what a great thing to do. (If you believe so, why not “like” the post?)