What if our representatives worked together?

Years ago I visited the Science Museum in Chicago, and there was a display where you stood in front of a plexiglass scoop and faced another a hundred feet away. If you whispered your voice came back to you.  That’s what I’m feeling a blog is. A whisper (or even shout) only you, yourself, hears.

Regardless, there are some things so simply fundamentally wrong, you have to shout out, if only to yourself. Example:

There are many, many reasons why people are fed up with the perceived depths our government has sunk to. “Drain the swamp,” etc., etc. And I hate to moan and groan in the tiresome litany so frequently repeated today about the disreputable state of our government and who it’s supposed to represent. Sorry, but, there was an incident a while back that I believe clearly and unequivocally depicts the reason our government is dysfunctional.

You may recall our Speaker of the House—who, remember, is next in line to “lead” if the remarkable amount of money we’re spending on investigating our leaders comes up with something unpardonable—warned his “party,” when they couldn’t muster enough puppets to pull the strings on “Repeal and Replace” (apparently, I really hate to believe, everything our previous [black] president was able to pass) said about the Affordable Care Act: If we don’t succeed to repeal and replace, we’ll have to ‘work with the other party’ (heaven forbid!) to come up with a way to improve the current plan (the plan we’ve already spent years and millions of dollars tweaking).

OK, wait a minute. Isn’t that how our democracy is supposed to work? Our elected officials are to work together to ensure a beneficial [to the citizens] democracy? Not a “victory” for the Republicans or a “victory” for the Democrats (sounds more like combat than cooperation)… but a “victory” for the citizens of the USA? Doesn’t this statement by one of our “leaders,” said almost like an acceptable “of course,” clearly demonstrate on the most basic level, what has been lost sight of? You know: a government for the people, by the people.  Not “for the politicians, by partisan politicians?”

What If our representatives worked together? Would health care be fair and better? Would education (the answer) be better? Could ignorance and hate be eliminated if our government had a perspective of national and world diplomacy and cooperation? Would our lives be better? Would the world be better? Why not?