What if millennials don’t show up?

What if millennials (ages 18-37) don’t show up? Don’t utilize the powerof being the largest demographic in US history to change the direction of things that threaten the future? What if some of this unsustainable shit is not stopped half-quaked and turned around? What if the future is coming faster and faster and we can’t stop it? The crises expanding exponentially?

Ya want an example: let’s check out the melting of Arctic permafrost. As it melts, the earth beneath emits carbon dioxide and methane gas, contributing to climate warming. As the climate warms, more permafrost melts, releasing even more carbon and methane in what National Geographic calls an “accelerating feed-back loop.”

It’s that word “accelerating” you need to pay attention to. What if you don’t? Just sayin.

I realize none of this is your fault, and I’m sorry you’re inheriting these issues. But unfortunately you and your children will be suffering the consequences and need to get involved in the solutions. Also, I'm sorry you can't expect the generations ahead of you to do it. They’re sadly more consumed by their own eminent concerns like retiring without running out of money.