What if nature is whispering?

Another brief note this week: The other day I was watching “Nature” on PBS and they were featuring a new phenomenon—coywolves.

Apparently wolves are mating with coyotes. (I assume it’s not the other way around?) The “Nature” narrator never got into the “why,” but I think it’s not difficult to make an assumption that I believe was, at least, implied. The narrator explained that coyotes are one of the most adaptive species on the plant. Maybe not quite up there with rats, but, like rats, coyotes are thriving, easily adapting to and thriving in cities in the U.S.…even cities as populated as Manhattan.

Wolves, apparently, do not so easily adapt. Their numbers are diminishing and their habitats becoming more and more remote, their population migrating farther and farther north…another fair assumption being due to climate warming. Yet the cowolves are being spotted in cities, mostly, for now, out east and in the southern areas of Canada.

So: What If nature is whispering in the wolves ears that if they don’t want to become extinct, they should take a shine to coyotes? (I assume more attractive an option than a rat?)

Just how romantic are you feeling? How adaptive are you, a human, feeling at the moment? History says “not so.”

Just saying.