What if a book club?

View from our front porch on Elbow Cay

View from our front porch on Elbow Cay

Third week in paradise. Jeeze… mid-seventies, sunny, and an ocean breeze gets soo boring. With nothing much to do like read, write, walk the beach, bike around the island…an idea popped into my lazy mind: what if some of my friends wanted to do a book club on “Will?”

Before I left for the Bahamas, I did appear at a book club with a group of wonderful ladies, including author Sandy Pfankuch who writes under A. L. Sanderson. (Check her out. She has a great book on the famous Hinkley fire.) I really enjoyed the evening. They call themselves the Tuckawaye Between The Covers Book Club...although we did the club meeting in the living room. Just kidding of course, “covers” refers to book covers. [ Hey, ladies: if you enjoyed yourselves, as well, how about a little review? You could write a ‘comment’ right on this post if you wanted. Thanks.]

If any of you are interested in using “Will’ for your book club, let me know. Email me at tmunkeby@aol.com, message me on Facebook, or contact me here through my website. We could do a Skype or for an in-person I’ll be in Mpls for a few days after Easter, available June 1st, or a couple days before or after Sept 16th.

Any adult book clubs are good, of course, but I’d love to do a young adult as well (18-35). I’m doing one at Vermilion Community College in Ely this summer for the college’s book club.

To give you an overview of “Will,” here’s what the publisher wrote on the back cover:

“No one can fathom the friendship between quick-witted Will Mitty, at four foot seven, and quiet, reserved Peewee Kovak, at six foot nine and two hundred and eighty pounds. Peewee has been protecting Will’s wise-cracking ass since first grade. For the first time in their lives, things get tense when Will falls for a damaged, dark-haired beauty, and introduces her to Peewee.

Will, with a dubious life expectancy, feels an urgency to change the direction the world seems to be heading. “Simple solutions to complex problems,” Will says. But Peewee gets irritated with his little friend’s insistence that he gets involved. Peewee just wants to be content and left alone, in peace.

But, Will has a plan to live on – a plan that will change Peewee’s life…and the world. Through this story of a quaint and unlikely friendship, “Will” addresses our most inner human conflicts of love, death, and the legacy we choose to leave behind.”


Get Your Copy of Will

You can pick up books in the Munkeby/Kramer office in Hopkins (952-474-6933) for $11 or go to my website and use the coupon code "bookclub" to order at a 25% discount off the $14.99 price. Thanks.