A Different View: Don’t You Think We’ve Hit Rock-Bottom?


I realize immigration (ask any Native American) always has been and always will be a conundrum that I don’t pretend to have a solution for. BUT, I know one thing…that I am quite certain about: the solution is not to separate children from their parents. I can’t even imagine that. Can you? I realize the strategy of our leader and his ‘true believers’ is borrowing a strategy out of Hitler’s playbook: dehumanize people you fear and hate.

I mean, come on! The leader of our country calling a black woman “A dog!?” Referring to Mexicans as “infesting” our country!? Holy shit. All to give license to his followers to think that these people are less than human and it’s OK to break maybe the most sacred tenet of humanity – the family – that it’s OK to take their children away?

I’ve come to realize a portion of our country’s population are un-willfully ignorant (i.e., lacking (decent) education and knowledge, unaware, uninformed) and thus may lack critical thinking skills. Ignorance leads to fear, fear to anger, to hate. I’m sorry, I know I have some relatives and friends who remain Republican and even support some of Trumps beliefs and they have every right to believe what they like and I certainly don’t want to offend them…but people prancing around with swastikas — under the guise of being American — while resurrecting Nazis tactics is not acceptable to me and I really don’t understand how it can be to any informed American. I cannot stomach it…the tearing of children from their parents. It makes me sick to the soul that this happened in my country. THINK: how could you live with an ‘official’ of a government taking your children away?

I don’t know how anyone can rationalize that this is OK. Personally, I just don’t want that mindset running my country. We apparently need to reassess the purpose of government, retreat back to how our founders envisioned it: like “all men are created equal,” a government for the PEOPLE… not for a stock market bloated by buy-backs and blood money.

In a retirement letter written by Lindsey Wahlen, she thanked her parents for teaching her and her brothers and sisters to be “…humble, hardworking, honest and loyal.” Are these “old-fashioned,” traits gone with modern times? Or are these still the attributes you admire in people? You want in your children? Your friends? That should exist in our children’s (and our) role models? If so then how in the hell did a president get elected that is the absolute antithesis of every one of these things we admire? Humble — hardly. Hardworking — he seems to golf and tweet a lot. Honest — you can’t believe a frickin word he says. Loyal — if he’ll throw his son under the bus, who wouldn’t he betray? Back-stab?

Tru-th is necessary for tru-st. Dishonesty and #Me First doesn’t work in any relationship. Not in family, in a friendship, in running a company…much less in running a country. Really…don’t you think we’ve hit rock-bottom? Don’t you think we need a change?