The Obvious Advocate


Heading to the Bahamas for a couple months, so plan on blogging again under this new "handle." "Advocate" as my new novel (not out, yet) is titled "The Advocate." "Obvious" because my plan is to unclothe some things that are simple too obvious not to recognize...but somehow we (they) do. Some will be insignificant in the larger scheme of things—like what's obviously wrong in the Mn. Twins attempt at making it to the world series. Others more significant like the meaning of the Statue of Liberty. I'll keep them brief, maybe implying more than I actually say.

But, first: I mentioned in my last blog (ages ago) that I was going to focus on more in-depth articles concerning things I believe are meaningful.

Here is your preview, for my friends, of "Cracks in the Foundation." It will be appearing in several venues, including "The Reporters, Inc." I warn you "Cracks..." is NOT brief. So please do take the time to sit back. maybe with a glass of wine, and read. The topic is, indeed, very meaningful and truly a :national emergency"...which should be obvious—and needs to be recognized before it becomes a catastrophe.

So, please take the time to read and please "share" if you agree. I welcome comments, so please do. Thank you.