New Project: Angels and Assholes

We all run into assholes. I’m sure you’ve wondered, as I have: why do people do asshole things? Then there’s those angels, which are most of us when we’re not too lazy or in too big a hurry. Not sure where this will go, but I’ll share some incidents to start philosophizing on what leads us, in these moments, to asshole or angel.

I write to consider how we all might best shuffle through the world's waltz without stepping on each others' toes. Of course, I must also entertain or all is for naught. Poking at the systems that create injustices, my stories hopefully connect with emerging generations or, also hopefully, anyone who believes they can still make a difference.
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No one can fathom the friendship between quick-witted Will Mitty, at four foot seven, and quiet, reserved Peewee Kovak, at six foot nine and two hundred and eighty pounds. Peewee has been protecting Will’s wise-cracking ass since first grade. For the first time in their lives, things get tense when Will falls for a damaged, dark-haired beauty, and introduces her to Peewee....

Will is a book that must be read by ‘new’ adults or anyone who hasn’t yet buried their heads in—or up—something to avoid caring about what’s going on in the world. The plot is full of surprises and good humor; the characters interesting and poignant; and the story provokes novel ideas to ponder.
— Mark Saxenmeyer, founder and executive director of The Reporters, Inc.



Back to the Island

Mikael Mulcahy, after losing his wife and child, decides on a whim to pack up and start life anew in the Bahamas. He soon finds it’s not the quiet retreat he had planned. Hopelessly entangled in webs of relationships, he seeks to help whomever he can, including involvement in eco-terrorism on his little Bahamian isle, while attempting to discover his own identity and where his intentions will lead him....

From start to finish the pace moves along rapidly, which is not easy for a first-time novelist. [The] narrative style is distinctive, with a chatty, rollicking, conversational tone that creates a whirlwind of a reading experience. Creative word play is found throughout, painting even the most subtle details in a vivid light.
— Kate Ankofski, Editorial Director Hillcrest Media

If I had a Million Dollars

The generation new to or just entering the workforce is facing unprecedented challenges in these financially trying times. They are inheriting a mess. They do have time on their side, but if they aren’t informed, don’t change predominant fiscal behavior,  or “see the light”, their futures may be dark, indeed.

You need to read this book, or one like it, so you can learn how to be financially independent. If I Had a Million Dollars, a guide to financial literacy, will appeal to the very audience for which it is intended: young adults starting their work lives.