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The Latest Novel by Tim Munkeby

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No one can fathom the friendship between quick-witted Will Mitty, at four foot seven, and quiet, reserved Peewee Kovak, at six foot nine and two hundred and eighty pounds. Peewee has been protecting Will’s wise-cracking ass since first grade. For the first time in their lives, things get tense when Will falls for a damaged, dark-haired beauty, and introduces her to Peewee.

Will, with a dubious life expectancy, feels an urgency to change the direction the world seems to be heading. “Simple solutions to complex problems,” Will says. But Peewee gets irritated with his little friend’s insistence that he get involved. Peewee just wants to be content and left alone, in peace.

But, Will has a plan to live on—a plan that will change Peewee’s life . . . and the world. Through this story of a quaint and unlikely friendship, Will addresses our most inner human conflicts of love, death, and the legacy we choose to leave behind.

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Will is a book that must be read by ‘new’ adults or anyone who hasn’t yet buried their heads in—or up—something to avoid caring about what’s going on in the world. The plot is full of surprises and good humor; the characters interesting and poignant; and the story provokes novel ideas to ponder.
— Mark Saxenmeyer, founder and executive director of The Reporters, Inc.
Available on  Indie Minnesota

Available on Indie Minnesota