Mikael Mulcahy, after losing his wife and child, decides on a whim to pack up and start life anew in the Bahamas. He feels a need to distance himself from some of life's demons in the U.S. He anticipates some quiet time to think and work on writing.

When he decides to take a part-time job, “M” meets an extraordinary woman, Kate, who soon boldly moves in with him, declaring she’s his half-sister. Along with Kate comes more surprises and unexpected adventure, such as her twin sister, Sara. M then learns that Kate is being hunted by an ex-boyfriend because of her involvement in helping to convict him and his Wall Street firm of fraud.

While trying to ignore Kate’s and Sara’s allure (they’re his sisters, after all!), M, with the help of some islanders, embarks on a plan to intercept the ex-boyfriend before he can harm Kate.  Confusing to M, however, are the mixed signals Kate sends regarding their relationship. Why does she seem to want to attract him? Why does she get jealous when he sees other women, especially the lovely Lottie?

Meanwhile, an island girl mysteriously stops by the house each morning, dropping off poems to get guidance and inspiration from M. M feels a strange connection to the girl and must resurrect a relationship from the past to determine the source of the uncanny bond.

Hopelessly entangled in webs of relationships, M seeks to help whomever he can, including involvement in eco-terrorism on his little Bahamian isle, while attempting to discover his own identity and where his intentions will lead him..

A novel with unexpected twists at every turn, [with a few pokes taken at some of life’s demons]. Back to the Island follows the misadventures of Mikael Mulcahy, whose grief over the death of his wife and child lead him to a hillside cottage in the Bahamas. What follows is a rollercoaster series of mistaken identities, surprise reunions, and romances that are anything but traditional.

From start to finish the pace moves along rapidly, which is not easy for a first-time novelist. [The] narrative style is distinctive, with a chatty, rollicking, conversational tone that creates a whirlwind of a reading experience. Creative word play is found throughout, painting even the most subtle details in a vivid light.
— Kate Ankofski, Editorial Director Hillcrest Media