Meet MP and Marilyn

I’ll introduce you to a new character each week for a while starting with MP, who will be like me because the only way to make my biological father, Mac McGenty, whom I never met, real was to create a character. Kate AKA Marilyn and Sara are based on how I’d guess my two (half) sisters (Mc Genty’s) might be. Peewee is based on a huge kid I met in 4th grade. Barney was the best man in my wedding who died way too young. Heidi on an island girl in the Bahamas. Lottie and Spense I yet hope to meet somewhere.

Here's an excerpt from Back to the Island

"Several days ambled by. MP tried to immerse himself in his writing, but he couldn't get Marilyn off his mind. He had assumed she would contact him, but she hadn't. He had given his cell number and email for his file, so she should be able to reach him. Where was she? What was going on? He didn't really know her all that well, but still he really felt they had connected and this didn't seem right. Why would she just disappear? Was she embarrassed she let him get fired? Was she pissed he had gone and yelled at Arthur when she had asked him not to? But Ajax had said she might not be back! She couldn't have just walked out of his life, could she? He had really liked her and, at the least, wanted to be friends. He had his good friends back in the States, but she was the first person he had met down here that he thought he wanted to be close to."