Meet Heidi

I’ll introduce you to a new character each week for a while starting with MP, who will be like me because the only way to make my biological father, Mac McGenty, whom I never met, real was to create a character. Kate AKA Marilyn and Sara are based on how I’d guess my two (half) sisters (Mc Genty’s) might be. Peewee is based on a huge kid I met in 4th grade. Barney was the best man in my wedding who died way too young. Heidi on an island girl in the Bahamas. Lottie and Spense I yet hope to meet somewhere.

Here's an excerpt from Back to the Island

"Mick rose right at daybreak on Saturday, the big day, to catch his young poet, assuming she would be dropping off another poem. The system was for her to leave the folder at the edge of the porch anchored with a large conch shell; Mick would put it back with his note in it, and it had disappeared each day. There was no folder yet, so she had not come by or arrived yet, if she was coming. So he went in and brewed a pot of coffee. As he carried a steaming cup out onto the porch, he saw her silently slink up to the steps. She hadn't seen or, probably, expected him and jumped when he said, "Buenos dias." She collected herself, quietly smiled up at him, looking embarrassed, and answered, "Good morning, sir." "Would you like to come up on the porch for a moment? I'd like to ask you a couple things." He was immediately intrigued by both her appearance and her voice. She stopped smiling and just stood there, looking intently at him. She seemed hesitant, so he walked down the steps and sat, patting the step beside him. She looked at the step, back at Mick, and then gingerly sat herself down. Her age was impossible to determine. "Can I read your poem and then talk to you for a while?" She nodded and handed him the folder. Above the poem was this drawing."