Why do you write?

You know, almost anyone you talk to says they'd like to write a book. We all have a story and have something to say, I guess. I love creating characters...it's like creating life. I'm also sort of a fairness freak. Some things really piss me off. So, buried in all my novels will be what I guess I'll call "pokes" at things I feel need poking. Back to the Island got a little long as maybe I took a couple roundhouses, but, I'm told the characters are interesting and the story moves right along and is fun to read...so doesn't seem quite so long. It started out, while vacationing in the Bahamas, as a short story, then became a long story, and, finally, a novel. I'm asking my readers to respond on my website as to whether they'd read a sequel. I said what I had to say in Back to the Island...but there are some issues unresolved (both in the novel and real life) and "hanging" out there. Personally, I'd like to see how they fall out...won't know unless I write the (shorter) sequel.