Angels and Assholes #14

I have been “off the grid” for two weeks attending a mountain-top wedding above Steamboat Springs, Colorado. (I’m sure no one lost any sleep over no post last week.) On the “angel” angle I’d like to give a nod to adventurous young love 21st century style.

Caylan Rinck, my oldest friend’s son, married a beautiful young woman, Nikki. Caylan had been living a lot of young (or old) men’s dream: skiing all winter in Park City, Utah, and guiding wild (in some cases REALLY wild) river trips in the summer. When not flying down mountainsides or over raging rapids, Caylan bartended for cash. He’s recently gotten his real estate license. I don’t know if that’s a reflection of his new life’s commitments or what (Nikki does portend to want to share in his adventures, not eliminate them…and I believe her). When my son, Eric, and daughter-in-law, Lisa, stayed with Caylan and his brother, Aaron, while skiing in Steamboat, they discovered that everyone in town knew the Rinck boys. So, sounds like a good move, regardless.

Nikki is what we’d call a “live wire.” Once, she was tossed in jail for disorderly conduct for punching two guys in the face. Apparently they thought she was too good-lookin’ and got too fresh.

The setting was at Midnight Ranch at about 9,000 feet. The ceremony on a knoll overlooking a lake and surrounded by peaks (including Nipple Peak…apply named). I hope their relationship keeps peaking. Their vows were self-written making it feel like they meant them. The two of them were very full of life and love. Almost makes us want to remarry our partner.