Angels and Assholes #24...2016 - World Peace By Way of Occam's Razor

Ok, I am aware when the beauty queen is asked what she’d most like in her life and she answers “world peace” all us cynics think: “Right airhead. Let’s get real.” Well, I’m pretty far from a beauty queen, but honestly, world peace would be cool, no?

Last Occum’s Razor we whittled the answer, since we’re born open-minded ready to accept and love anybody, down to “education.” Something’s gotta happen after birth and before school, where five-year-olds arrive angry, the handwriting already on the wall, the mind already closed, the ability to learn something positive already inhibited by hate, insecurity, mistrust, rejection. Nobody, NOBODY wants to go anyplace they’re made to feel stupid, unwanted. If the door can already be shut, slammed, by four or five, something’s gotta happen before that. Something that allows them to wonder about the world they are entering, rather than fear it.

Of course if we all had marvelous open-minded, non-judgmental, parents that read to us, hugged us, loved us, loved their neighbor, we would have world peace. Well, unfortunately, far, far too many don’t have that luxury. So, what should happen? Should every child have a non-judgmental, loving surrogate, if the parent(s) can’t provide it? I interviewed a friend who had been the director of “Early Childhood Education” for Mpls. Public Schools. When I asked her what she thought, she answered, inadvertently applying Occum’s Razor: all a child needs is one “caring adult” in their life.

Simple: we all need one caring…let’s say “person” in our lives. If a parent can’t do it, who can? And what do we mean by “education?”