Angels and Assholes #12…2016 - Little Red Schoolhouse

This is the little schoolhouse for the Hope Town students on Elbow Cay (i.e. blog #9: Little Tropical Angels). The students in their colorful uniforms were so damn darling I had to visit a classroom. (Old teachers never die, they just wander into random schoolhouses, I guess.)

It was a riot. I stopped and asked the principal if he would like me to visit a class. He looked at me skeptically (ocean water does wild things to my hair). He said OK, I could talk to a 5th and 6th grade class. Before I went in, a teacher asked what I was going to talk about. When I said I was going to get them to ask me questions, she said good luck with that. Apparently they’re normally shy.

When I walk into the classroom, they all stand and say: “Good morning, sir.” Well, I cracked up. Imagine respect in this day and age from students? The first thing I ask them is what they think of when they hear: Minnesota. This boy tentatively raises his hand and says: “crackers.” Well, this cracks me up, again. And everybody laughs. When I asked why “crackers,” he says “Soda crackers.” Well, I crack up, again, and say “Of course.” A tiny little girl the color of cola raises her hand and says: “Coca cola.” I say because of “soda?” She laughs and says: “Of course,” and we all laugh. 

Well, we had a grand old time. There were rich kids, poor kids, white kids, and native islanders…and they all were laughing and totally getting along.

When I left, they all stood and, in unison, said: “Thank you, sir.” It was my last day on the island and what a great send-off.