What if you don’t pay attention?

What If you don’t pay attention? Millennials (or any Boomers, Gen Xers, or “mature adults” who are confused by what’s going on in our country), since you’re the ones that are going to change things: champion education over ignorance for example (don’t you think something is awry when being “educated” is suddenly considered something “bad” by a large contingent of the population?) Because you are more educated, open-minded, tolerant to diversity, desiring of equality (doesn’t our constitution say we are all born equal?), as you become more active civilly and politically you need to be aware of what you’re up against. 

What If you don’t? I have never been political, until embarrassment and concern for my family forced me to. And what I’m going to show you really isn’t political, but it has created the politics we find ourselves in, i.e., there appear to be more people out there than I imagined that will believe no fact or proven truth that opposes their narrow, fundamental belief system.   

An example of what you’re up against. There are, mostly rural white Christian (ironically), men who believe they are superior to, not only blacks, but Asians, Muslims, Native Americans…anyone NOT like them. Woman are subservient (and thus inferior). Apparently God tells them this!? These aren’t, naturally, the only people touting these beliefs, but it is why we’re stuck with our current situation in Washington.

Can you imagine the threat a black president was to people holding these beliefs? They believe, in spite of irrefutable proof, that Obama was not an American, was born in Africa, belonged to a secret Muslim brotherhood that hates white Americans, and is going to take away their guns. No shit! They believe Obama was in charge of Washington, and not fixed (no matter how much truth supports this), but caused the Great Recession. That the government forced banks to give loans to unqualified minorities. 

My opinion is that educating these people’s children is the answer to bringing belief in reason and equality to the United States. Education is, I believe, is the answer to our ills. 

If you can, I encourage you to read this article by “Alternet”, which goes much more in depth. It’s fairly long (relatively), but I highly suggest you take the time to read it.