What If Will's Daydreams Became Reality?

Although only four-foot seven, Will is well-adjusted and maintains a decent sense of humor in spite of the bullying he tries to ignore. The direction of many things in the world, however, bother Will. One, in particular, is the inadequacy of the UN in maintaining any semblance of peace in the world. Due to a dubious life expectancy, Will feels a sense of urgency, but realizes that it may be up to his extraordinary friend, Peewee—at six-foot nine and 287 pounds—to change things…if he can get Peewee out of his complacency. 

Will starts with Will writing his will to Peewee. I mentioned last blog that I would attempt to entertain and lure you with some snippets from Will. Here’s some cuts from the first will entry:

Today was a day to die for. A rare Indian summer day. Relief. A nice warm sun after several frickin miserable days of trying to steal a painless breath. A kiss from the cold, such an intimate pain. The breeze so crisp it could break….The concept of living as long as possible does not exist in nature. After procreating and nourishing, breath is no longer necessaryonly the satisfaction of hunger. This may sound disconcerting, but it gives me solace.

Sorry for getting a little maudlin there, but on this day to die for I’ve decided to start my last will and testament. Here’s my first item you’ll be needing my willpower to take care of:

ITEM #1: Peace in the world. Don’t roll your eyes. I realize that’s what the beauty queen always wishes for, making her appear simple-minded to cynics. But, really, she’s just being honest and optimistic, like me.

Don’t roll YOUR eyes. Is world peace just an innocuous cliché? Will believes it is the ultimate goal of humanity and is attainable if… [He does have a plan.]