What if a wall?

Will, the main character in Will, is a millennial. So is his best friend, Peewee. Will wants young people his age to start to think about things. And now or as they grow into adults to DO SOMETHING about the things they think are wrong. Peewee just wants to be content and for Will to leave him alone.

Labor Day weekend is one of the times when family gathers up here at the lake. No one talks politics or religion. No one cares what anyone in the family thinks about shit like this. We just love each other and are content. Peewee would fit right in.

We don’t worry. We all take care of each other. The big kids take care of the little tykes like they’re their own. Adults, man or woman, help Grandma in the kitchen. Adults, man or woman, help Grampa with the never-ending projects. My current goal is to make sure the baby, Ryanne, (the one I’m holding in the fantastic photo my daughter-in-law posted lately) remembers me. I hadn’t seen her since the Fourth of July weekend and my heart skipped a beat when she first shied away from me…before finally smiling and reached her arms out to me. So, easy to be happy and content with family hanging out here at the lake.

Then they all leave and Will (reality) comes for a visit. He whispers in my ear: “Fire and brimstone. Nuclear holocaust. Pay attention or your rosy little world will not look so sweet.” He asks me, “How can a person say something like: ‘Look at China. They have a wall. Do you see any Mexicans in China?’ and get ELECTED? Although not a high ranking official, still a person in a position of power who could affect our lives. Who in the hell would vote for and elect a person that could say something this stupid? How can this happen?” How did it happen?

Will’s point: millennials, you will decide in the near future who will have the power in this country, thus affecting and even controlling your lives. We need leaders that focus on creating unity and peace, not divisiveness by saying outrageous, stupid shit. Please pay attention! Think: extrapolate from what is currently happening. What if you don’t pay attention?