View from the Hot Tub #4

As I take my first hot tub soak of 2018, although it’s a snowbound winter wonderland, my view is inward. I have a calming sense of satisfaction as I have just finished the first draft of my new novel, “The Advocate.” I now wait for my gracious “pre-readers” to get back to me before digging into the revision process.

I didn’t do what I was supposed to do after completing my last two novels, which is “marketing” them. I still do some lectures regarding financial literacy at certain colleges and universities, and so my first book, the non-fiction “If I Had a Million Dollars,” has sold out.

My second book, my first novel, “Back to the Island,” turned out to be a bit controversial. Some readers liked it, some hated it, but if you want to experience what was reviewed as “a wild romp in the Bahamas” read it and tell me what you think.

Will,” my recent novel sold pretty well to start when I did some appearances, book clubs, and Will appeared on some book award lists. I’ve recently received some invitations to several book “events,” even one in London (seriously), but I don’t have time for these…gotta spend some serious time in the hot tub, ya know.

Here’s some excerpts from a review of Will in the newspaper: The Hawaiian flower, known as the Hau, blooms only for a day, and its short but spectacular life is a recurring theme in an unusual new novel… by writer Tim Munkeby. Titled only “Will,” it’s a somewhat fantastical story of a brilliant, yet physically stunted high school boy and his long-time friend Peewee, a gentle giant with a charismatic side.

The book includes the inevitable love interest, in this case, a dark and mysterious beauty named Sandy who bewitches both Will and Peewee and, ultimately, provides the means to carry Will’s will into the future.

It’s an easy romp (yup…”romp, again) that will leave the reader with something to think about, which is as much as you can expect from a paperback novel.”

So, my only way to get “Will” out there for people to know about is by family, personal friends, ex-students, and Facebook friends to help. So, please, if you want, refer the book, share this post with your friends…and even have them share this with their friends.

Thanks for your help. Hope 2018 is a good one for you.