A Different View: The Lizard You Feed


When I went to say goodbye to my neighbor, here, in the cannon, I was told to remember him by something he was going to tell me.

“What’s that?” I asked, interested.

“Inside each of us,” I was told, “is a lizard.”

“A lizard?” I said, a little surprised.

“Well, since you’re heading back to the Northwoods, you might use a ‘wolf.’ But down here it happens to be a lizard.”

“OK,” I said, smiling.

“Actually there are two lizards inside us, fighting for our mind, heart, and soul. One is greedy, selfish, angry and hates. The other is kind, generous, compassionate and loves.”

“Hmmm. So what determines which one wins,” I asked, curious.

“The one you feed,” I was told.

I will remember him. [Do children need to be ‘taught’ which one to feed?]