Eco-terrorism Plot Preview in Tim's New Book - Back to the Island

The eBook is not completely ready yet, so next week I'll let you know how to buy the book or eBook, if you're interested. I believe I mentioned there was some eco-terrorism in the plot? Here's one big night as seen from aboard Spense's yacht "the Plowed Mary:"

"I'm low; you're high. Go again," Spense said, his voice trembling. The next flare hit the top edge of the trailer; Kate's shell was right on and went into the open end. It burst, and multicolored light bounced around in the trailer. They all waited in anticipation. "I can't see anything. What do you see, Lottie?" Mick hollered up. "It looked like something was burning, but now I don't see anything," Lottie yelled back down from her higher vantage point. "But good shootin', you guys. It'll go up, I bet, if you hit it again." "Again," Spense said. "This time launch some ground spinners. They should stay lit longer." Spense's flare went directly into the black hole this time. Kate's spinners missed low and lit up the area as they twirled around the trailer. Light glowed from inside the trailer. "Again!" Spense yelled. They both now had the range, made easier by the light from the spinners. Kate's Mad Dog and Spense's flare both burst inside the trailer. Suddenly a vivid, intense, translucent glare emanated out the door of the trailer. It was almost other-worldly. There was no sound at first, but a brilliant, blinding effervescence shooting out of the opening at the end of the trailer. Then before they could blink, they were blinded by an overwhelming flash ... before any sound. By the time the deafening roar reached them, the trailer had dissipated into a million particles and the boom rolled past them in an intense wave of sound and heat deflecting and reverberating off the trees, water, and it seemed, the stars. They had all instinctively ducked at the eruption of light, then sound, then heat. When they looked up at the site, there no longer was a trailer, only a glowing mass of unearthly light emanating into the sky, illuminating the jungle, creating sinister moving, swaying shadows.