“Human use, population, and technology have reached that certain stage where Mother Earth no longer accepts our presence with silence.” (Dalai Lama XIV.) Do you believe the Dalai Lama’s statement might be true? What if it is? Fires, violent storms, droughts, earth quakes, volcanos…yikes! More to come and worse we’re warned.

“This century may well witness extraordinary climate change and an unprecedented destruction of ecosystems, with serious consequences for all of us.” (Pope Francis.) What’s he know? He’s not a scientist. If you look hard enough you can find a scientist that doubts global waning. Much more convenient to believe that one rather than the majority who, like the Pope, believe we’re almost at a tipping point…irreversible damage to our Mother. (Of course Mother will survive, just not us who rely on her.)

Major a-holes abuse and pollute the earth for profit i.e., planned obsolescence creating excessive, unnecessary waste. There are many other examples. They (you?) know who they are. Minor a-holes litter, waste energy, pollute watersheds (actually not so minor, especially down the road…we can live without money, but not water), don’t recycle (remarkably, to me, I read less than 50% of people recycle here in the U.S.! I know, I know…it may be inconvenient for them).

Us minor angels do what we can. Realize future generations (our grandchildren) will inherit the earth we leave them. Major Angels affect widespread positive change. Affect others. Do something.

But then the Pope and Dalai Lama could be misinformed. What do they know? It’s much more convenient to bury our heads (in the sand or up our asses) and hope they’re full of shit.