What if millennials actually have what it takes to fix this mess?

[Please take the time to read this one. You can blow off the next ones if you so desire.]

It seems every older generation can’t help bitching about the younger generation, which if you think about it, is pretty weird since the older generations have raised them. 

So, millennials (age 18-47):

You’re lazy, narcissistic, entitled, helicoptered, coddled…hey, wait a minute! What bullshit. If true, the perpetrator is blaming the victim. Who did the helicoptering? Who did the coddling? Eh?

I have millennial grandchildren. They’re kind, empathetic, and refreshingly tolerant. I lecture to students at colleges and universities primarily on career and financial literacy. I’ve found they’re open-minded, want careers that they feel good about, and want to work for companies that do “good” rather than just “well.” Cool. Something we desperately need. 

They’re concerned about clean water and air (and rightfully so since their older role models are leaving them an ailing planet). What If they aren’t concerned…do you think these things will get better? Young people helped make at stand at Standing Rock protesting polluting water and the earth. Some high school students have banded together to sue the government for not paying enough attention to climate change. These young people need to be encouraged…especially since it’s their future that’s most at risk.

Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chair of the World Economic Forum, was asked in Time magazine what gives him hope for the future, he responded: “The younger generation. It has a completely different attitude. Those people have a really global attitude and global identity. To make money is not necessarily their first objective. Their first objective is to make a contribution.” Tell me that’s not refreshing?

To, hopefully, help more of the mill’s make this contribution, I’ll post something each week: career stuff, financial stuff, articles that encourages them to become independent and take care of themselves and their planet. I’ll also discuss: “What if they don’t?”

My request of you is to help spread the word to Millennials and let them know there’s an old fart here who wants to help. Please do what you can: share this post, tell millennial friends, parents of millennials, spread the word, and read the blogs. The more mill’s that read these types of things, the more prepared and empowered they’ll be to make a difference. They really do have the necessary attributes, they now need encouragement and information.

REMEMBER: Although us older generations may be consumed by imminent concerns, like retiring without running out of money, it’s the younger generation’s futures, and even more so, their children’s futures, that we need to be concerned about.

Remember: Although many older adults have enjoyed Will, it’s intended as a call to action for the millennials. Thank you.