What if two men love the same woman and she loves both of them?

A final excerpt from Will: Will introduces Peewee to Sandy.

    As they headed toward Peewee, Will felt his hand, resting on that tender lip where Sandy’s hip becomes a waist, start to get sweaty. He had never felt that surprisingly sensual part of a woman before. Except for one uncontrollable organ suddenly shouting, all others had been stirred to silence – rare for him. So, he removed it suddenly and found his voice: “Remember if he clams up, it’s probably a complement. Beauty verbally constipates Peewee.”

    “So, I should assume he likes me if he can’t speak?” 

    Willy smiled. “Something like that.”

    “So, if he talks he doesn’t like me?” Sandy said. “This ought to be interesting.” She grabbed Will’s sweaty hand and steered him right up to Peewee, who was smiling…but looking at Willy. 

    “Hi, Will,” Peewee said, un-typically formal. “Any trouble today?”

    “Is he going to look at me?” Sandy asked Willy, but looking up at Peewee.

    “Give him time,” Willy explained. “He hasn’t run away, yet. Be happy. Peewee, I’d like you to meet Sandy. Sandy, this is Peewee.”

    Peewee remained facing Willy but looked at Sandy out of the corner of eye. Slowly he held out his hand, inviting a hand shake. “Nice to finally meet you, Sandy.”

    Rather than return a shake, Sandy tentatively held a couple of his fingers and rolled his palm upwards. “That’s the biggest hand I’ve ever seen,” she said, looking at Willy. “Is he going to continue to look at me out of the corner of his eye?”

    “Don’t know,” Willy said. “Why don’t you ask him?”

    “Will he answer?”

    “Don’t know.” Willy shrugged. “You gonna look at her, Peewee?”

Things heated up from there, causing friction for the first time in Will and Peewee’s relationship. Sandy experiences a traumatic event, resulting in her own form of retribution, testing Peewee’s complacency and Will”s optimism, spurring another impassioned daydream.


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