What if every child born had at least two caring adults in his or her life?

WHAT IF every child born had at least two caring adults in his or her life? Right now, according to U.S. Census Bureau figures only 41% of dads(?) are part of a married couple family with children. One out of every three children lives without a father. What the shit is going on!?

The Journal of Family Psychology says: “Children without fathers have more behavior problems and do worse in school. And they’re more likely to be malnourished, suffer from obesity, experience unplanned pregnancies, commit crimes and end up in jail.” The nonprofit National Fatherhood Initiative maintains: “There is a ‘father factor’ in nearly all of the social issues facing America today.”

On top of that, a census-counted 2.5 million men are single fathers, up an amazing 525% since 1970. So, I’d guess it’s safe to say this is a problem that’s not going away. And it isn’t just a problem for the children born into this plight, but for you, me, our family, friends, and community. It would be interesting to see how many of the almost daily shootings and multiple crimes are committed by people who did not having a caring family raising them. I’m sure there are figures that would tell us what we already know: most.

Rather than expel or wait until one of these lost souls commits a crime and then incarcerate him or her, wouldn’t it make sense to deal with the source of the problem? I have a rather lengthy piece that’s going to be published soon by The Reporters, Inc., a publishing house dedicated to social change and justice. I’ll give you the link when it comes out in case you’re interested.

In the article I propose a solution to this enigma and other worrisome quandaries. Next blog I’ll explain that, I hope reasonable, solution.