The Obvious Advocate - Part 4


Poor Donald. It’s obvious he had no choice about his name and who he is. Long before Donald, back in the 14th century, according to Merriam Webster was “trump: to get the better of.” Example used: “Where ambition invariably trumps loyalty.” It seems pretty obvious Donald’s only loyalty is to his ambition. But we can hardly blame him. It’s his name after all.

Then there’s “trumped-up: fraudulently concocted; spurious (not genuine; false).” First used back in 1728. It’s almost like predestination. When he dizzyingly spins the truth, he’s simply doing what his name implies. Can’t blame the poor guy.

Of course there’s also “trumpet: to sound or proclaim.” It’s from the Scottish. (Think golf course.) Then there’s “trumpeting: a stentorian voice (extremely loud; obnoxious). A penetrating cry.” [Don’t disagree with the Donald…he’s a stable genius after all, as he loudly trumpets. Obviously, I guess, few geniuses can spell hamberder. Maybe that’s what definitively divides the country: those that can spell hamburger and those that will back him, because, well, they can’t spell hamburger, either, but I’m sure are also, because they’re the chosen ones, stable geniuses.]

Lastly there’s “trumpery: worthless nonsense.” Archaic – “tawdry finery.” (Think gold toilets.)

It’s obvious Donald has no choice. He’s simply living up (down) to his name. Poor Donald. (Poor us.)

It’s obvious.