The Obvious Advocate - Part 3


Somethings should just be obvious…nothing to argue about: #1—a baseball team doesn’t get to or go very far in the play-offs without good pitching. It’s obvious. #2—You pay for something, you get it. Obviously.

#3: Criminals shouldn’t be cops. An oxymoron, no? True… I’m all for people redeeming themselves, but sometimes ‘changing’ a basic trait is difficult. Say a person was arrested and found guilty of abusing, in any fashion, a family member, isn’t it obvious they shouldn’t be a police officer?

If you hit or beat a family member, how are you going to treat people you don’t know or even like? I’d venture to guess, if you beat your family, there’s going to be a lot of people you don’t like. It’s obvious you shouldn’t be expected to protect people if you have enough dysfunction to abuse your family.

I know several police officers and they’re all great people who are compassionate and whom I’d trust to protect me with courage without prejudice. I’d say that defines most officers. How frustrating it must be to be judged by the actions of “bad” cops. I understand loyalty, but I’d also say it’s obvious fellow cops know who the assholes are. The assholes not only abuse the public, but cause the public to not trust the police. Loyalty to oneself and the people one serves should take precedent over loyalty to any asshole.

Everyone’s better off if you get rid of the assholes.

It’s obvious.