The Obvious Advocate - Walls


I was just reading that states are in a quandary about how to deal with marijuana laws. You can live in Nebraska, drive across the border to Colorado and legally buy weed, turn around, and drive back to Nebraska where you can’t smoke it, legally. Makes enforcing those darn laws difficult. Well, it struck me the solution is obvious: build a wall around Colorado and all those other misguided progressive states. Let all them dopers get high up in their mountains like in Colorado, listening to that John Denver fellow, soaking in some hot spring while contemplating their navels. Funny … a lot of them states where people want to get high have mountains – Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Connecticut… Get it? High and mountains?

Alabama can build a wall to keep all those alcoholics out. Why not build a wall around each state? Send all the blacks to one, Muzlims to another, Jews to another…wall em in. Wall in three sides to Arizona. Let them Mexicans and others just like em from shithole Central American countries invade the state but the only way out is BACK where they came from. No one to rape but emselves. Think about how peaceful it’d be for all us white folk and Christians?

Kick all those old farts out of Florida and send em back to Minnesota since they’re all so nice up there. Maybe some of those old timers’ll freeze to death. Hear that’s a good way to go. No, Florida beaches…and Georgia, North and South Carolina’s…should kept for young white folks. Mostly men’d be best. You’d just need one wall around them states. Save money.

Make sure them white boys are all Republican. No sense in arguing about politics and guns all the time. Send all them discontented liberal Democrats to weed states, like California and Alaska. Just wall em in. They can get happy smoking dope all day long.

Think about it. Everybody’d be getting along, living with people just like emselves, keeping everybody else out, where they belong. Think how happy our president and Mitch would be? We could be the S.S.A. – the Great “Separate States of America.” Everybody happy living with people just like themselves … and all those beautiful walls keeping the infesters out…or in. Beautiful.

It’s obvious.