The Obvious Advocate - Part 7

Another couple mass shootings. Probably more by the time you read this. There were 323 in 2018, and by July 31st this year there have been 248!  [Sources vary. This number is from Robert Reich, author and prof at U. of C. Berkeley. Northwestern Univ, quotes 22 mass killings numbering 125 people so far this year. I assume the definition of “mass” is the difference.] And several more shootings recently added to the list. It’s hard to believe. Really…isn’t it? It's obvious that something is very wrong in America.

According to another stable genius, Kevin McCarthy, GOP House Minority Leader, the problem is video games. Republican Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (apparently another stable genius) says it’s because we’re not letting students pray in schools. And our chief stable genius blames it on a number of things, not himself of course, including the media – the “enemy of the people” (you do know that’s a line out of Hitler’s playbook?).

Of course it has nothing to do with Trump’s tweets about “vermin” (another little trick of Hitler’s) infesting our country, or “rapists” at the border, or inciting crowds at his “rallies” to chant “send her back,” although she (or they) are Americans. A Univ. of Texas study found hate crimes increased 226% in areas where Trump held rallies.

No, just ask most any Republican or ‘true believer.’ It has nothing to do with Trump’s rhetoric. He’s such a humble, selfless, kind leader (divider).  He had me at mocking a handicapped person. I said to myself, that’s the kind of guy I want for my president.

If you support him, please never talk politics with me. I just don’t understand. It’s obvious, this guy is dangerous, not even mentioning he’s “too intelligent to believe in global warming.” One of the recent lunatics blogged he was acting in the name of Trump, the KKK, etc. His tweets (such an innocent name for such a dangerous weapon) are not only killing people, but dividing the people of America and the world. He is what’s wrong with America.

It’s obvious.