A Blog Retrospect...and Last Plug for Will

A blog retrospect: [5/2010-9/2018]

1) “Angels and Assholes.”

The brightest angel: simply… simple acts of kindness. Why not?

The biggest asshole: separating children from their parents (blame whomever you like).

2) “What If?”

What if it was gov’t by the people for the people (not by corporations for corporations)?

What If nature is whispering, but we’re not listening? Coywolves -- wolves mating with the adaptive coyotes… to extend their existence? What you think we’re gunna do? Better listen?

3) “View from the Hot Tub.”

You can get a pretty galactic perspective from a hot tub on the shore of a northern Mn. lake (especially on a dark night).

4) “A Different View.” (From my neighbor in a cannon down in the Bahamas.)

“What’s wrong with you?” he had asked. “Just what do you mean by that?” I had asked back. “Well, the Americans I’ve met down here were always at least pretty OK. I’ve been hearing some pretty noxious stuff recently, though!” “But not…” me I was going to say. Remember -- people generalize.

Thanks for your responses to my last “A Different View,” especially for the positive comments on FB and my website.


My Last Plug for Will

As I’ve said before, although Will is a novel, written tongue-in cheek, and fun to read I’m told, its intent was to get readers thinking about social justice and change, and things like “Water!” which Will often bellows randomly. [If you read my last blog, you know how I feel about the need for…let’s say ‘awareness”.] Will, as well, questions the direction some things are taking. Will, channels through his extraordinary friend, Peewee, some “simple solutions to complex problems”…many of which were in need of attention when I wrote Will, and have become very salient and in the news lately:

The ineffectiveness of the United Nations.

  • Women’s rights, especially regarding neglected rape kits. [There is no rape in the novel, but the sordid issue comes up when Will’s friend, Sandy, is assaulted.]

  • Faithlessness in gov’t and the invitation for socialism to dine at democracy’s table.

  • The potential for evil deeds on social media.

  • The frequently not-so-apparent damage drugs can cause.

  • A disastrous paddle in the ‘endangered’ waters of the BWCA (Boundary Waters Canoe Area).

  • A surprise ending in which Will’s plan to ‘live on’ comes to fruition.

My intention was not to make “A Million Dollars” writing Will, so if you order through my website, I’ve reduced the cost of a paperback book to $5 (list $14.95) on the remaining stock. What I really enjoy is doing book clubs and discussion groups where we can dig into the issues raised in the book. Brings me back to my teaching days. I am in the Twin Cities around Thanksgiving and before Christmas. If you’re interested let me know. [Please share this if you know someone else who might be interested.] If you order a copy, I can have the discussion questions sent to you. Just give me your email.

My next novel is The Advocate, the first in a series of short novels highlighting the need for better and more appropriate and comprehensive education, starting with Early Childhood Education. I also plan on publishing more extended essays on why I feel education is the solution to all problems in our society. I’ll post when these are published and where, in case you’re interested.

Thanks if you followed my blog. I appreciated it and hope you appreciated them. (Try Will. You might like it. It’s about the price of a Big Mac and lasts longer.)